The Business Owner with a Complex Portfolio

John, a successful entrepreneur, faced a complex divorce involving a thriving business. He needed to protect his company's assets while ensuring his spouse received a fair share.
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How We Helped

Allegiant’s team, including a CDFA® professional and a legal expert, meticulously valued John’s business. We considered factors like future growth potential to ensure an accurate valuation. We also explored creative solutions to separate marital assets without jeopardizing the business’s health.

John’s Success

Through Allegiant’s expertise, John secured a divorce settlement that protected his business’s future. We helped him structure a fair division of marital assets, minimizing disruption to his company’s operations. John can now focus on growing his business with peace of mind.

Note: These case studies are not fictitious, but the name(s) and some material information has been removed to protect the clients’ identity. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee of any sort.


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