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prepare for navigate recover from
a divorce, financially

As Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) professionals, we are dedicated to securing your financial future and ensuring that you make informed decisions before, during, and after a divorce. Now available to work in ALL 50 states!

We are your go-to financial expert throughout the entire divorce process.

With decades of experience, we will help you: understand your property division options, including retirement and pension plans; get a fair spousal and child support settlement;
split the house equitably; and avoid tax issues. We can even help you mediate, should you choose.

Peace of Mind

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your settlement is financially feasible and fair.

Objective Viewpoint

Expert Advice


Our Areas of Expertise

We’ll walk you through the divorce financial planning process then provide you with data to help in your decision when choosing a settlement. Our services are also available virtually in all 50 states.

Personal vs. Marital Property

Valuing and Dividing Property

Retirement Plans and Pensions

Spousal and Child Support

Splitting the House

Tax Problems and Solutions


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Let us help you address the unique financial issues around divorce with data that can help you achieve a more equitable settlement. 

Through the financial analysis process, a CDFA® professional can help you think through the real cost of divorce and develop a realistic picture of your financial situation as you transition to a new lifestyle. Read more about the work we do here.

The CDFA® professional abides by a code of ethics, is subject to a disciplinary board, and completes continuing education requirements.


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Jamie M. Lima


After watching my parents go through a divorce at a young age, and going through a tremendously expensive and emotionally-draining one myself in 2017, I launched Allegiant Divorce Solutions as a sister company to my financial planning firm, Woodson Wealth Management.

I recognize the challenges people face as they decide how to handle their finances relating to divorce. My parents struggled and it was challenging for me, too. Looking back, there were mistakes I made during my own divorce that could have been avoided had I had the support of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.

Armed with this knowledge and almost 20 years of financial planning experience, I am dedicated to helping my clients navigate the complex aspects of divorce and gain a fair settlement, with much less stress.

Individuals and families served since 2006
Years of hands-on financial planning experience
Hours of continuing education completed (and counting)

Broke Up, Not Broke(n)

Going through a divorce? You can be broken up, but don't have to end up broke(n)! This podcast is for those considering divorce or in the midst of it, and will empower you to take control of your finances throughout the process.

Here's what our clients say about us.

Disclaimer: All testimonials have been provided by current clients. No client was compensated for providing these testimonials.

Jamie Lima was worth his weight in gold during the difficult divorce mediation. Going into the negotiations knowing exactly where we stood financially made my part so much easier.


Gwendolyn S.


Kate G.

In the most difficult time of my life, I found myself in a divorce. I had emotional support but needed someone to sort out the asset division and it was initially overwhelming. Even before hiring a lawyer, I quickly found out I would need to submit mine and my soon to be ex‘s financials to a neutral party to create a document outlining community and separate property. This would allow us to attend our mediations prepared and hopefully settle our divorce out of court.

We found Jamie and Allegiant Divorce Services and immediately felt at ease about the process. He uses a safe and secure document portal which allowed us to securely submit what he needed to create a report for us.

Hiring Allegiant Divorce Services was the first time I felt productive in this divorce process. He communicated in a timely manner and met with us on zoom, always eager to make sure we had our questions answered. Upon receiving Jamie’s final documents outlining and totaling our assets, we finally feel prepared to move forward with our divorce. Because of the training and certification Jamie has, he is also able to be a legal expert witness if it does go to court. 

I highly recommend Allegiant Divorce Services!

Jamie was a wealth of knowledge, and was able to explain how to begin the process of restoring your financial health after a divorce to our audience in a really concise and relatable manner.

A great person to work with, can’t recommend enough!


Elena K.

“Jamie is very personable and always responds to my needs. I am very satisfied with the level of service I'm receiving.”
"Jamie is fantastic to work with and is very responsive to our questions!"
"Great service, readily available. Professional and very knowledgeable. Could not be happier. Put my mind at ease."

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